Hello Pastry Lovers

Hello pastry lovers

My name is Victoria and I am the owner of Lil' V pastry boutique. We are a home based bakery that operates online. While I don't have any formal training, my true schooling started years ago while baking at home with my mother. As a small child, I remember all the wonderful smells of cakes and pies in the oven while I helped my mother get the ingredients ready to make our next pastry. Those days are fond memories I carry with me always.

After working in advertising for over 15 years, I started to look for something that could provide me with a better work/life balance. Baking became that thing. I had finally reconnected with my passion from so many years ago. So in 2014, I jumped in with both feet and Lil'V was born. My goal was to bring that same care, love and craftsmanship I learned then to the pastries I bake for you.

We have a wide array of delicious products. While cupcakes are our best sellers, we also make custom cakes for all occasions and sweet table decorations. Our cupcake flavors range from the classic vanilla and chocolate to the alcohol infused cupcakes. We also have signature cupcake flavors such as dulce de leche, tres leches and cafe con leche.

I hope you will give us a try and let our sweet lil delights into your home and your taste buds!

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